This Google Doc teaches how to become an active ally to the BLM Movement


black lives matter google doc

Do you want to become a better ally to the Black Lives Matter movement but just don’t know where to start? With the plethora of resources floating around, it can almost become overwhelming to figure out exactly how to educate yourself in the most effective way. Well, you’re in luck. Because a Google Doc has hit the Internet that will provide a super structured format that is incredibly easy to follow.

The Google Doc was created by two Twitter users, Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta. Their mission is called Justice in June. And it’s basically a month-long guide on how to be a better ally.

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So here’s how it works. First you decide whether you want to dedicate 10 minutes, 25 minutes, or 45 minutes a day. Then you click on your selection and it’ll take you to a calendar with daily resources to check out. There are things like articles, Ted Talks, book chapters, documentaries, and more. And it’s all laid out in a super accessible way.

Think of it this way. Before you do your daily workout, you can log on and take a little bit of time to explore their resources. Then you can do your workout while reflecting on what you’ve just learned. You’re already improving yourself physically, so you might as well improve yourself mentally and socially as well!

Plus, the doc has become so popular that these inspiring women are currently working on turning it into a website! And if you’d like to give financial support to that, you can donate to the GoFundMePage here.

So check out this incredible resource today! It’s never too late to start working on a better future.