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Shaken… and Stirred

While the west coast’s torrential rains this winter and the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria were light-years beyond anything my family and I ever experienced when we lived in Northern California in the late 1970s, they brought back memories of those days.

My musing about floods and earthquakes and the realization they should engender in us is here.

All Hail the High Court!

Much hair is being pulled out of heads because of one of the proposals that the Netanyahu government has embraced; reform of Israel’s highest court. But the furor over what some feel is an attack on democracy is largely based on misunderstanding the nature of that court. 

To read what I mean, click here.

What does it say…

What does it say about a population that sees the murder of innocent worshippers as proper “retaliation” for the deaths, in a firefight with police, of terrorists planning attacks? And what does it say when members of that population cheer the worshippers’ deaths?

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