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To subscribe to my weekly PDF newsletter, please click on “An Observant Eye” at the top of this webpage.  AOE aims to provide a sampling of several easy-to-miss Jewish-related news stories of the prior week– with a stress on providing context and, when appropriate, on deconstructing how various media have reported them.  Some items are accompanied by a brief editorial comment or dollop of drollery.

“An Observant Eye” is not posted on this site or elsewhere.  Subscribers receive issues weekly by e-mail, generally on Thursdays.  The format of the offering is decidedly low-tech — intended to inform, not dazzle.  There are no advertisements, no photographs, no eulogies and no simcha announcements – only clear, hopefully intelligent, reportage and commentary.

The monthly subscription fee is $12.50, payable through PayPal, as indicated on the “An Observant Eye” page. Since up to four e-mail recipients can be designated, that can boil down to less than a dollar an issue.

Please consider subscribing for a month to see if you like the offering.



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